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What is SkyDrive?

SkyDrive is a file storage and sharing service that allows students to upload files to the internet, then access them from a web browser. It uses your Notre Dame AU user account to control access to the your files, allowing you to keep the files private, shared with other students, or make the files or folders entirely public.

Note: Publicly-shared files do not require a Notre Dame AU user account for pemissions. So anybody on the internet can see your files if they're set to public.

SkyDrive for the Univerisity replaces the rather outdated and old Student File Server and service for home folders (not S: Drive). You should upload your University work to SkyDrive if you want to be able to access the work from on and off campus.  

To begin using SkyDrive, check the other FAQ's in the Skydrive catergory.

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